Arthur could be banned for ‘a month’ because of Juventus’ illegal actions

Juventus are now embroiled in a financial and football scandal and have already lost 15 points in Serie A, and the ramifications of their misconduct could extend to Liverpool, especially Arthur Melo.

The loaner player from Italy has yet to affect the Reds following a series of highly unfortunate injury concerns, but he will continue to stand on the sidelines if his proposed ban is pushed out by the actions of his parent club. You may face it for a long time.

“All disqualified. For at least a month. In this league. Maybe soon,” reported Italian journalist Paolo Gigliani, who shared the message along with an image of wages altered by the Turin club.

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It seems highly unlikely that any of the players had anything to do with the proposed agreement that their wages were reported to be lower than they actually were, but they could soon face the repercussions of this.

It is proposed that all players involved in the club’s financial misconduct should also be banned for at least one month for their involvement in covering up financial losses. This includes Number 28, who is currently on Merseyside.

The Brazilian player may start to think he’s cursed if his return to action is met by his unruly ban… on the pitch soon.

Documentation and a full Twitter thread about Arthur can be viewed via @ZZiliani.

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