Leon Edwards Welcomes UFC Super-Fight With Conor McGregor

UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards has shown interest in a ‘massive’ MMA clash with Conor McGregor. became the UFC Champion in the fight, but now has his sights set on some superfights in the not-too-distant future.

Leon Edwards welcomes ‘massive’ Conor McGregor match

Recently crowned UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards has his sights set on a potential octagon matchup with Conor McGregor.

Edwards sensationally knocked out Kamaru Usman last August, and the long-awaited trilogy was scheduled for March in London. If the 31-year-old successfully defends his crown and retains the 170-pound crown, he claims Conor could have his superfight with McGregor in late 2023.

Edwards insists McGregor must first claim a good win when he returns to UFC action. It is speculated that “The Notorious” has fought at featherweight and lightweight for most of his career, but gained a lot of weight and gained a fair amount of muscle during his time away from the octagon.

An Irish fighter is unlikely to move up to lightweight again, so the former two-division world champion is more likely to fight at welterweight or middleweight. If McGregor makes a successful comeback in the UFC, Edwards wants to give McGregor the UFC welterweight title.

In a recent interview with talkSPORT, Edwards said he would be happy to fight McGregor in the future, even though he is under the same management umbrella.

“Yeah, 100 percent. If Conor comes back and gets a good win at welterweight, that’s a fight I’d welcome. It’s going to be a big fight for Europe and a big fight for everyone.” .

“Let’s get him back and have a good win at welterweight so we can talk from there.”

Of course, before we can talk about McGregor fighting for Edwards, he must first defeat Usman again in the long-awaited trilogy in March. If he succeeds again against the king, the world is his oyster.

Edwards is once again a betting underdog with the best offshore betting sites, but that doesn’t hold him back. Birmingham men are used to being underdogs.

March 18th will be a big night in Leon Edwards’ career. There is no doubt that an Irishman is watching with interest.

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