Los Angeles Lakers Anthony Davis To Return Tonight After Lengthy Abscence

Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis will return to the lineup against the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday if he doesn’t falter in the pregame warmup.

Davis has been out since December 16, when he suffered a stress reaction in his right leg and fractured a bone spur. Davis’ playing time is 20-24 minutes for him.

Davis was arguably playing the best basketball of his career before his injury. He is averaging 27.4 points and 12.1 rebounds per game with the Lakers. More importantly, he was able to drag them off the bottom after starting the season with his 2-10. From that moment on, Davis led the Lakers to his 9-6 record until the injury. This all happened while LeBron’s James was sidelined with an injury. Excluding his two games in which he was sent off, he averaged about 33 points per game in that stretch.


Davis carried the Lakers when James was sidelined. Since Davis’ downfall, LeBron has returned the favor. Assuming Davis returns Wednesday, the Lakers would go 11-10 and stay solidly in the play-in hunt at 22-26. James has averaged about 34 points per game since Davis fell . Major role his players Austin Reeves and Lonnie Walker IV were also injured during that stretch. James played so well that it didn’t matter.

James and Davis have looked like the best players in the NBA this stretch of the season. Now they’re set to play together again. The last time the two did so in a full season, the Lakers won a championship. They have a long way to go before they reach that level again. But if it does happen, it looks like it will start Wednesday against San Antonio.

The Los Angeles Lakers are +180 for the playoffs, according to the California sportsbook. With Davis back to full strength, Westerns should have a better chance of becoming a top-six seed in his conference.