NBC’s Premier League Fan Fest a huge hit in Orlando, Florida

NBC’s Premier League Fan Fest in Orlando, Florida was a huge success on all fronts. This was the broadcaster’s eighth time held in the United States. Judging by the numbers, it might be the best one yet.

The Premier League Fan Fest, which is becoming a fixture on the US football calendar each year, was unique for several different reasons.

First, the setting was ideal. Stunning backdrops from Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures have been added to the live footage of the event. There was so much to see in almost every camera shot.

Second, the numbers continue to impress. According to an NBC Sports executive we spoke to, he RSVPed for 20,000 people to attend the event (10,000 daily). Importantly, all weekend he wasn’t confined to one space, as there were many places for fans to spread out. So even with a large crowd, I didn’t feel claustrophobic at all.

Third, all 30,000 to 40,000 guests entering the two theme parks had to walk past the Fun Fest because the festival location is Universal CityWalk. As a result, more people stopped by to see what was going on, and we were able to increase the total number of attendees at the Fanfest.

NBC’s Premier League Fan Fest: A Huge Event

Hosting a Premier League Fan Fest is no small feat. The plan has taken several months and incorporates not only NBCUniversal, but also the Premier League and many of its club divisions.

“We started talking [Universal Parks] About Fanfest [with] I’m not thinking of April dates [2022]said Lyndsay Signor, senior vice president of consumer engagement at NBC Sports. “So April-May was the time when everyone was on board as far as hosting a Fanfest. [at Universal Studios]”

One of the unique aspects of Fan Fest is that any Premier League club that wants to stand out at the event can participate.

“The Premier League is telling clubs, ‘If part of your strategy includes growing your U.S. fan base, this is a great opportunity,'” said Christine Hurst, director of consumer engagement at NBC Sports. “Clubs do different things. Everyone wants to leave their mark on that fan base.”

Some clubs even bring animals on set.

Trying to outdo each other at Fanfest can be quite the competition between Premier League clubs.

“We love the part,” added Signor. “The goal is to have every club represented. Of course, that takes club resources, but the ultimate goal is to have everyone here.”

Judging by the number of different jerseys worn by Premier League fans at the event, many of them flew in from all over the United States to attend, and there were fans from every Premier League club. I flew all the way from Europe to go to

There have also been several celebrity sightings, including West Ham United supporter (and British film and television actor) Ray Winston.

Many in attendance were there not only to support the club, but also to see Rebecca Lowe, The Two Robbies and Tim Howard in person.

Where is the next Premier League Fan Fest headed?

“We keep raising the stakes,” said Signor. “We don’t expect each one to be capacious. It really depends on the venue and the city. For us, it’s the best Fanfest experience, wherever we are.”

“A lot of clubs and supporters clubs in the city sell us all the time. The Atlanta fan base is very bullish. wants us to come back.

“Everything is possible. I have no choice but to digest these two [recent fan fests in Philadelphia and Orlando]But surely there will be: ”

It’s music that reaches the ears of soccer fans across the United States.