Reader Mailbag: Answering your soccer questions

It’s time to add the World Soccer Talk Reader Mailbag. This week we will be covering US Open Cup coverage, Premier League Fan Fest, CONCACAF, Serie A and the FIFA Club World Cup.

Don’t forget to add new questions in the comments below. We’ll do our best to answer them next week. Remember, they’re also about soccer.

Dave: A few questions about the US Open Cup: 1) Did Turner come out with a coverage plan or outsource the rights to someone else? 2) Which was the most interesting round historically? FA Cup specific)? I remember having a very enjoyable few weeks last year.

World Soccer Talk: 1) No additional news regarding TV coverage of the US Open Cup since we discussed the deal in this article about 12 months ago. More details about media rights are expected as we get closer to the first round in late March.

2) The rounds that MLS teams start entering (3rd round this year, April 25-26) are always a lot of fun with the potential to play against professional or amateur teams from lower divisions. Everyone loves good underdog stories and giant-killing moments, and we’re hoping for a Sacramento-style performance this year, as he did last year when he reached the US Open Cup final.

Dave, thank you for your question. Considering his coverage on ESPN+ last year was one of the best in recent memory, it will be interesting to see how Warner Bros. Discovery will broadcast his US Open Cup. Certainly charming.

Bill: Did you go to Fanfest in Orlando last weekend, and if not, why? I know it’s not something to respect, but it looks like it’s fun to be there.

World Soccer Talk: We were there. Kartik Krishnaiyer and I arrived Thursday night to prepare for an early morning interview with his NBC Sports talent on Friday. We interviewed Rebecca Lowe, Tim Howard and The 2 Robbies. Then on Saturday, I interviewed Alan Shearer, Gary Cahill, and his NBC Sports executives, so keep an eye out for those interviews later this week on this website.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend there. Personally, I enjoyed talking to football fans from all over the country to attend the Fan Fest in Orlando. I also loved seeing all the different club shirts worn by American football fans, to say the least.

If you’re reading this and haven’t been to a Fanfest, I highly recommend going to the next Fanfest.

Francisco: Are there any streaming services or channels that will acquire the rights to broadcast Italian Serie A in Spanish next season?

World Soccer Talk: Paramount + still retains Serie A rights in all languages, but so far the streaming service has been reluctant to provide Spanish commentary for matches.

But let’s be honest, the cost of providing Spanish commentary for a Serie A match can be prohibitive. I don’t think there is enough demand from Spanish audiences.

Francisco, I know that other fans of Serie A also want commentary in Spanish. is to ask

Jason: What CONCACAF-based competitions will be held at Paramount+ in 2023?

World Soccer Talk: Looking ahead to 2023, Paramount+ will host the Concacaf Nations League, which resumes at the end of March.

Jason: Which streaming service will be playing the FIFA Club World Cup in February?

World Soccer Talk: Good question, Jason. As you know, FOX Sports and Telemundo own the TV rights to this competition. FOX Sports doesn’t have a consumer streaming service yet (other than Tubi, which broadcast games on demand at the World Cup), but for $4.99 a month, he’ll stream all games in Spanish with Peacock Premium. Your best bet is to watch. (This includes 180 Premier League matches per season, plus USMNT and USWNT matches).

Presumably FOX Sports shows the game via the FOX Sports app.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to ask questions in the comments below.I will reply to you in my reader’s mailbag next Tuesday