Sky reporter drops Liverpool transfer claim as midfield hint supplied

Jürgen Klopp has had his loyalty to his most trusted lieutenant called into question and the likes of Jordan Henderson and Fabinho have been invited to the bench again for Liverpool’s draw with Chelsea, as well as Stefan Bicetić. And handed over to Nabi Keita in a row starting lineup. Such tweaks appear to have … Read more

Video: “Do I have to tell you again?” – Agitated Jurgen Klopp rips into reporter for asking transfer related question

You know a kid who’s upset because his parents refused to buy him a new toy? That’s what Jürgen Klopp looked like at the pre-match press conference. Liverpool’s owners have been reluctant to spend money on new contracts, disappointing fans and managers, despite the club’s need for new players, especially in midfield. And when a … Read more